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“With Great Power

comes Great Responsibility.”

Superheroes In NYC will guide you through the city of your favorite Superheroes.
Explore the streets of New York through 150 film locations of Superhero Movies.

“It's not who I am Underneath,

but what I do that defines me.”

Movie Scenes

Each scene includes a short video of the action, full information about the address, an interactive map, and information about the movie and the shooting location.

Location Aware

Thanks to the interactive map and your phone’s GPS functionality, it’s easy to find where scenes from your favourite movies were shot.

Quick Search

Search by movie release date, shooting locations, near you or filtering by Superhero or by Movie.


Superheroes In NYC works without an internet connection, using its offline map.
“And yes, it does come in black.”

“You have great powers,

only some of which you have as yet discovered.”

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